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I am intrigued by different materials and the resistance they produce.

 I'm also  interested in exploring the intersection of the societal and the subjective through multi-material installations. In my works, my main materials are often body and video, but I also combine materials in a more diverse manner. My installations have consisted of, among other things, video and glass, as well as sound and furniture. Bodily experiences and other bodily questions are often present in my work.



Norms, Sexuality, Gender, Neurodiversity, Empathy, Body, Materiality




2021 >                       Bachelor of Arts

                                       History and Theory of Contemporary Art

                                       Academy of Fine Arts         

2019 - 2022           Master’s Programme in Contemporary Design

                                       Aalto University

2018                           Exchange studies in Musashino Art University,

                                       Craft Department, Tokyo, Japan

2016 – 2019           Bachelor of Arts (Arts and Design)

                                        Aalto University

2010 – 2011           HEO Adult Education College, Photo Journalism 

2004 – 2007           Kouvola Region Vocational College, Textiles and

                                        Clothing Design and Production, Artisan






2022                  hapuilu, V1 gallery, Espoo

2020                  tahmee, Kalleria, Helsinki



2022                  Aavistus-festival, Helsinki City Museum, Helsinki

2022                  Parting with return (You’re so busy), Vapaan taiteen tila, Helsinki

2020                  Aavistus-festival, Helsinki City Museum, Helsinki

2019                  The 2nd Illustrations and Images Exhibition of China and Europe,

                              Green Hills of Yangpu District, Shanghai

2019                  Espoo-päivän konsertti, Espoon kaupungin museo

2019                  Solstice Festival, Ruka

2019                  BOA’19, Aalto-University, Espoo

2018                  Sustainable Design, Espacio Gallery, London, England



2023                  Fracpturing, Zodiak, Helsinki, Finland

2021                  Esitysehdotuksia Kulttuuriperinnöstä, Kansallismuseo, Helsinki



2022                  ”Still is Changing: Liikkeessä olevasta työstä”,, 1.4.2022

2022                  ”Yhdessä, tilassa: Kuvasta, näyttämöstä, tilasta”,, 24.1.2022


VJ (selected)

2019                  VJ at Urban Apa Festival, Ateneum, Finland

2019                  VJ at Pink Box, Ruisrock, Turku, Finland

2019                  VJ at Let me be your fantasy, Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland

2019                  VJ at Audiovisual Laboratory 2, Oodi, Helsinki, Finland

2019                  VJ at 2x4, Kaiku, Helsinki, Finland

2019                  VJ at Ystävyys ja rappio FND, Loukku UG, Helsinki, Finland    

2019                  VJ at Sössöting & Tyckiting, Loukku UG, Helsinki, Finland

2019                  VJ at Decadence & Friends, Merikerho, Helsinki, Finland

2018                  VJ at Valot, Knock Koenji, Tokyo, Japan

2018                  VJ at Onniboi, Tenho, Helsinki, Finland

2018                  VJ at Herrensauna, Kaiku, Helsinki, Finland

2018                  VJ at Spacewerks, Turbiinisali, Helsinki, Finland 

2018                  VJ at Kotimaan Teknokatsaus, Ääniwalli, Helsinki, Finland

2018                  VJ at Decadence & Friends #2, Merikerho, Helsinki, Finland

2018                  VJ at GUSH, Vallila UG, Helsinki, Finland

2018                  VJ at Sound Emission, Loukku UG, Helsinki, Finland

2017                  VJ at Sexodus, Loukku UG, Helsinki, Finland

2017                  VJ at Agents, Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki, Finland

2017                  VJ at sössöting & tyckiting, Loukku UG, Helsinki, Finland

2017                  VJ at Decadence & Friends #1, Merikerho, Helsinki, Finland



2018                  Gush, Vallila UG, Helsinki, Finland

2017                  Kinky.3rd, Club Ääniwalli, Helsinki, Finland

2017                  FND label night, VTT, Helsinki, Finland

2017                  Kinky.2nd, Mäkelänkatu UG, Helsinki, Finland

2016                  Kinky.Black.Vinyl, Mäkelänkatu UG, Helsinki, Finland

2015                  Deep Seas, Better Things to Do UG, Helsinki, Finland



2023                  Villa Sarkia, residence for writers, Sysmä

2023                  EHKÄ-production & contemporary art space Kutomo, Turku

2022                  Esitystaiteen residenssi, Helsinki

2022                  Kuvataideakatemian residenssi, Berliini



2023                  SARV Kopiosto, working grant

2022                  TAIKE, 6 months working grant

2021                  TAIKE, 3 months working grant

2019                  Aalto-yliopisto, Material grant

2018                  Aalto-yliopisto, Exchange grant


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