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I am a multidisciplinary artist using various mediums such as video, installation, ready-made and performance art together with text and artistic research. I am intrigued by different materials, which I bring together in my art. My work often deals with current social and societal phenomena alongside with bodily affects.


At the moment I am interested in themes alienation and desire. Can an alienated body feel desires? Could desires be alienating? I strongly feel that alienation is an important and widespread societal phenomenon that reveals the challenges of our times that need change. The alienation can also be thought as a positive implement for harnessing it as a tool for pleasure and freedom. My interest of alienation has grown from my own experiences as a neurodivergent person in a neuronormative structures.



Alienation, Desire, Neurodiversity, Empathy, New materialism


CV                            Sini Henttu


Personal info     Lives and works in Helsinki




2019 – 2022      Master of Arts, Contemporary Design

                                   Aalto University

2021 >                   Bachelor of Arts, History and Theory of Contemporary Art

                                   Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts

2019                       Exchange studies in Live art and performance studies

                                   Theatre Academy, Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts

2018                       Exchange studies in Craft Department

                                   Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan

2016 – 2019      Bachelor of Arts, Department of Design

                                   Aalto University

2010 – 2011       HEO Adult Education College, Photojournalism 

2004 – 2007       Kouvola Region Vocational College, Textiles and Clothing Design and Production, Artisan

Solo Exhibitions


2024                       Vaasa City Art Gallery, Vaasa

2024                       3H+K gallery, Pori

2024                       Gallery Oksasenkatu11, Helsinki


2024                       Alien Desire, Gallery Huuto, Helsinki

2022                       hapuilu, master’s thesis exhibition, V1 gallery, Väre, Espoo

2020                       tahmee, Kalleria, Helsinki

Group Exhibitions

2024                       Yö in Berlin, Toolbox, Berlin

2024                       Fix – Huolla ja korjaa, Designmuseum, Helsinki

2023                       Uomilla, Jouten, Maa-tila, Helsinki

2023                       Tihkuu, vuotaa, Vapaan taiteen tila, Finland

2023                       anywhere in no-time / nowhere all the time, Kuva/Tila, Helsinki, Finland

2022                       Aavistus-festival, Helsinki City Museum, Finland

2022                       Parting with return (You’re so busy), Vapaan taiteen tila, Helsinki, Finland

2020                       Aavistus-festival, Helsinki City Museum, Finland

2019                       The 2nd Illustrations and Images Exhibition of China and Europe,

                                   Green Hills of Yangpu District, Shanghai

2019                       Espoo-päivä, Espoon kaupungin museo, Finland

2019                       Solstice Festival, Ruka, Finland

2019                       BOA’19, Aalto-University, Espoo, Finland

2018                       Sustainable Design, Espacio Gallery, London, England

Live art performances

2023                       FRACPTURING

                                   Responsibilities: media art and performing

                                   Zodiak Stage, 9 shows between 29.9.-14.10.2023

                                   Choreography by Suvi Tuominen and Dash Che

2021                       Performance Proposals on Cultural Heritage

                                   Responsibilities: media art and performing

                                   The National Museum of Finland, 5 shows between 4.-10.9.2021

                                   Choreography by Suvi Tuominen

Publications (selected)

2023                       Yhdessä- ja ei-tekemisestä kokeellisessa taidekritiikissä.

                                   (eng. Making together and no-making in experimental art critique)

                                   Co-written with Tuija Huovinen and Eero Karjalainen. Nuori Voima.

2023                       Essays Horizon by Horizon, Flowing Touch and Staged and Incomplete.

                                   Published in ”With – Writings and reflections of artistic processes”.

                                   Ed. Eero Karjalainen and Isa Lumme.

2022                       Amorphous form – Tentative verbalization in the context of art.

                                   Master’s thesis. Aalto University.

2022                       Still is Changing: Liikkeessä olevasta työstä.

                                   Co-written with Tuija Huovinen and Eero Karjalainen.

2022                       Yhdessä, tilassa: Kuvasta, näyttämöstä, tilasta.

                                   Co-written with Tuija Huovisen and Eero Karjalainen.

VJ (selected)

2019                       VJ at Urban Apa Festival, Ateneum, Finland

2019                       VJ at Pink Box, Ruisrock, Turku, Finland

2019                       VJ at Let me be your fantasy, Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland

2019                       VJ at Audiovisual Laboratory 2, Oodi, Helsinki, Finland

2019                       VJ at 2x4, Kaiku, Helsinki, Finland

2019                       VJ at Ystävyys ja rappio FND, Loukku UG, Helsinki, Finland    

2019                       VJ at Sössöting & Tyckiting, Loukku UG, Helsinki, Finland

2019                       VJ at Decadence & Friends, Merikerho, Helsinki, Finland

2018                       VJ at Valot, Knock Koenji, Tokyo, Japan

2018                       VJ at Onniboi, Tenho, Helsinki, Finland

2018                       VJ at Herrensauna, Kaiku, Helsinki, Finland

2018                       VJ at Spacewerks, Turbiinisali, Helsinki, Finland 

2018                       VJ at Kotimaan Teknokatsaus, Ääniwalli, Helsinki, Finland

2018                       VJ at Decadence & Friends #2, Merikerho, Helsinki, Finland

2018                       VJ at GUSH, Vallila UG, Helsinki, Finland

2018                       VJ at Sound Emission, Loukku UG, Helsinki, Finland

2017                       VJ at Sexodus, Loukku UG, Helsinki, Finland

2017                       VJ at Agents, Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki, Finland

2017                       VJ at sössöting & tyckiting, Loukku UG, Helsinki, Finland

2017                       VJ at Decadence & Friends #1, Merikerho, Helsinki, Finland



2023                       Villa Sarkia residence for writers (working group), Sysmä

2023                       Zodiak residence (working group), Helsinki

2023                       EHKÄ-production & contemporary art space Kutomo (working group), Turku

2022                       ESKUS, The Performance Arts Centre (working group), Helsinki

2022                       Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts residence, Berlin


2024                      Kone Foundation, 15 months working grant

2024                      Finnish Art Society, Young Artists Grant

2023                      TAIKE, working grant (working group)

2023                      SARV Kopiosto, working grant (working group)

2022                      TAIKE, 6 months working grant

2021                      TAIKE, 3 months working grant

2019                      Aalto University, Material grant

2018                      Aalto University, Exchange grant


Artist memberships

2024 >                 Artist member of Contemporary Art MUU association

                                 MUU association is the member organization of the Finnish artists' society

2022 >                 Artist member of Yö association


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