I am Sini Henttu, a Helsinki-based dreamer and an artist.Last year, 2019, I graduated as a Bachelor of Art and Design and continued studying in the Contemporary Design Master's program at Aalto University. I’ve studied at Aalto since 2015, exploring several materials but mostly focusing on glass and ceramics.

In 2018 I studied glassblowing, media art and drawing at Musashino Art University in Tokyo, Japan. The exchange program in Japan was an important period for me as an artist and a maker, as I learned much about myself, my style and my own ways of working and creating.

Along with my work and studies, I'm also active in the electronic music scene, organizing events and performing as a VJ.

I’m interested in bringing people together and setting up happenings, spaces and events, where people can experience joy, connect, and reflect their thoughts.

At the moment, I’m intrigued by the themes of the human body, humanity, the complexity of the human mind, mental disorders, sexuality and the clash between hopelessness and an overflowing desire to live. I find themes and ideas from my surroundings, conversations, relationships and my diaries and I often use them as a starting point for my artwork. In art I’m fascinated by how there are as many interpretations as there are viewers. I often use abstract visual language, that makes it possible for the audience to construct their own meanings freely, based on their experiences, feelings and situations. As an artist my ambition is to vomit my absorbing, complexed, but relatable insides for the audience to see, in a way that lets people reflect their lives and emotions.



In installations I’m intrigued by how they move in their environment and how people move around them, and how they either blend into or stand out from their surroundings.


glass made with kiln method


length 6:38


Kalleria, Helsinki

Focus of the piece is on the sleeplessness caused by a disorder – on the gooey twilight zone between being awake and asleep, between real and unreal.


3500 x 3500 x 3000

mixed media


Espoo-päivän konsertti, Espoo


Solstice Festival, Ruka



glass made with kiln method




Väre, Espoo



For me video is one of the easiest formats to express my inner world and thoughts in. I shoot all of the materials by myself and like to combine abstract and realistic videos. My visuals are always inspired by a personal experience or emotion, and with them, I hope to move people and make them feel something.

"I'm always happiest alone"


length: 9:09



"I'm always happiest alone" reflects on loneliness in a society that pressures us into sociality. Everyone feels an individual need for loneliness and each of us is alone in a different way. The desire to be alone is also a privilege that can be safely felt, when social networks and relationships are plentiful and healthy. It’s easy to want to be alone, when you don’t feel lonely.

sweet nausea


length: 1:24


Music video for the cassette release "Looped Thought Patterns in Audible Format" released by Kaukana Väijyy Ambient.

Satoi - Shored



l studied illustration as my minor in Aalto. I find drawing soothing, while it's also an interesting way to tell a story. 



Hot work and kiln work made at Musashino Art University.

melting vase

glass blowing and cold work


The form of the vases tells about the material itself: the glass is so hot it’s constantly moving, pulled down by gravity. Every vase is unique and tilted a bit differently.

green block

kiln glass, cold work



green block tower is made with a combination of powder glass and larger glass chunks, which have resulted combination of white and bright glass. The modularity makes it possible to compile the tower in many different ways, so you can mofify it as you like.



Working with ceramics has developed my understanding of form and the three-dimensionality of objects. 

Cups and bowls:

clay molded and glazed.


made by potter's wheel.





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