With my art, I want to open new ways of being. I wish to draw the invisible visible, break down norms, and build lasting and tolerant realities. I find it important to give a chance to identify to others struggling with the structures. In my art, I want to emphasize the importance of empathy, caring, and listening.


My path to art has not been straightforward. I have lost, and found. As pansexual in the small town I was repressed and made small. When I moved out, the emptiness was filled with the clubs and open-mindedness of the big cities. I was drunk on freedom. My hunger for culture grew into a need to create, and through it, to understand myself and the world around me.


In Aalto University's bachelor's program in design, I studied various materials – glass, ceramics, wood, biomaterials. However, my interests gradually shifted into the materiality of the body. My body, in addition to video, is the medium with which I explore the world and the essence of art. Where does my body extend to, what are its limits, and what can be said with a body? Are the materiality of the body and e.g. the painting comparable?


I am currently finishing my master's studies in Contemporary Design at Aalto University. In the autumn of 2021, I also began studying the history and theory of contemporary art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki. 



Class, Norms, Sexuality, Gender, Neurodiversity, Empathy, Humanity, Body, Materiality, Curiosity


Performance Proposals on Cultural Heritage


The National Museum of Finland, Helsinki


I made a 30-minute video for the show, which was built into the live performance. The video broke into the National Museum

for the three screens of the Prehistory exhibition, while Suvi Tuominen and Dasha Che performed live.



Suvi Tuominen

Video director:

Sini Henttu


Suvi Tuominen, Dasha Che, Milton Nuñez, Riikka Thitz

Sound design:

Oula Rytkönen, Jouni Ilari Tapio

Performance Proposals on Cultural Heritage

presented at the National Museum





length: 9:58



Helsinki City Museum

filia is a collaborative audiovisual piece by Sini Henttu, Reetta Nummi (Sitoi) and Noah Kin (Exploited Body) that explores empathy and acceptance as a cleansing force.

Sini Henttu: video and editing

Reetta Nummi: poem

Noah Kin: audio design

"I'm always happiest alone"


length: 9:09



"I'm always happiest alone" reflects on loneliness in a society that pressures us into sociality. Everyone feels an individual need for loneliness and each of us is alone in a different way. The desire to be alone is also a privilege that can be safely felt, when social networks and relationships are plentiful and healthy. It’s easy to want to be alone, when you don’t feel lonely.

morning coffee


length: 1:04



Music video for the cassette release "Looped Thought Patterns in Audible Format" released by Kaukana Väijyy Ambient.

Satoi - Shored


Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 16.58.58.png


glass made with kiln method


length 6:38


Kalleria, Helsinki

Focus of the piece is on the sleeplessness caused by a disorder – on the gooey twilight zone between being awake and asleep, between real and unreal.


3500 x 3500 x 3000

mixed media


Espoo-päivän konsertti, Espoo


Solstice Festival, Ruka



glass made with kiln method




Väre, Espoo





2021 >                Academy of Fine Arts

                      History and Theory of Contemporary Art

                      Bachelor of Arts            

2019 >                Aalto University

                      School of Arts, Design and Architecture

                      Master’s Programme in Contemporary Design

2018                  Exchange studies in Musashino Art University,

                      Craft Department, Tokyo, Japan

2016 – 2019           Aalto University

                      School of Art, Design and Architecture

                      Bachelor of Arts (Arts and Design)

2010 – 2011           HEO Adult Education College, Photo Journalism 

2004 – 2007           Kouvola Region Vocational College, Textiles and

                      Clothing Design and Production, Artisan





EXHIBITIONS (selected)

2020                  filia, audiovisual installation, Aavistus-festival,

                      Helsinki City Museum, Finland

2020                  tahmee, solo exhibition, Kalleria, Helsinki, Finland

2019                  The 2nd Illustrations and Images Exhibition of China and Europe,

                      Green Hills of Yangpu District, Shangai

2019                  BOA’19, Aalto-University, Espoo, Finland

2018                  Sustainable Design, Espacio Gallery, London, England


EVENTS (selected)

2023                  Live Art Performance, Fracpturing, Zodiak, Helsinki, Finland

2021                  Live Art performance, Esitysehdotuksia Kulttuuriperinnöstä,                                     Kansallismuseo, Helsinki, Finland

2019                  Installation – Dream, Espoo-päivän konsertti, Espoo, Finland

2019                  Installation – Dreamy, Solstice Festival, Ruka, Finland

2019                  VJ at Urban Apa Festival, Ateneum, Finland

2019                  VJ at Pink Box, Ruisrock, Turku, Finland

2019                  VJ at Let me be your fantasy, Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland

2019                  VJ at Audiovisual Laboratory 2, Oodi, Helsinki, Finland

2019                  VJ at 2x4, Kaiku, Helsinki, Finland

2019                  VJ at Ystävyys ja rappio FND, Loukku UG, Helsinki, Finland   

2019                  VJ at Sössöting & Tyckiting, Loukku UG, Helsinki, Finland

2019                  VJ at Decadence & Friends, Merikerho, Helsinki, Finland

2018                  VJ at Valot, Knock Koenji, Tokyo, Japan

2018                  VJ at Onniboi, Tenho, Helsinki, Finland

2018                  VJ at Herrensauna, Kaiku, Helsinki, Finland

2018                  VJ at Spacewerks, Turbiinisali, Helsinki, Finland 

2018                  VJ at Kotimaan Teknokatsaus, Ääniwalli, Helsinki, Finland

2018                  VJ at Decadence & Friends #2, Merikerho, Helsinki, Finland

2018                  VJ at GUSH, Vallila UG, Helsinki, Finland

2018                  VJ at Sound Emission, Loukku UG, Helsinki, Finland

2017                  VJ at Sexodus, Loukku UG, Helsinki, Finland

2017                  VJ at Agents, Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki, Finland

2017                  VJ at sössöting & tyckiting, Loukku UG, Helsinki, Finland

2017                  VJ at Decadence & Friends #1, Merikerho, Helsinki, Finland



2018                  Gush, Vallila UG. Helsinki, Finland

2017                  Kinky.3rd, Club Ääniwalli, Helsinki, Finland

2017                  FND label night, VTT, Helsinki, Finland

2017                  Kinky.2nd, Mäkelänkatu UG, Helsinki, Finland

2016                  Kinky.Black.Vinyl, Mäkelänkatu UG, Helsinki, Finland

2015                  Deep Seas, Better Things to Do UG, Helsinki, Finland


OTHER (selected)

2016 >                Friendship & Decadence / Graphic Designer

2011                  Photo journalist trainee at Etelä-Suomen Sanomat newspaper


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